mp3: Hot Town


01 Alabamy Home
02 Jubilee Boogie
03 I found a new baby
04 Poor Butterfly
05 Going on a Mission
06 Exactly Like You
07 Harlem on a Saturday Night
08 The Spirit of Rhythm
09 I've got the right to sing the blues
10 The Temptress
11 Sweet Sue - Just You
12 St. Louis Blues
13 Crazy Rhythm
14 Bye Bye Blues
15 Go Out Singing

4 comentarios:

Anthony dijo...

Wow! This is awesome!


Puño dijo...

it's the perfect soundtrack to shot a Thompson from a moving car in Chicago!!


Anónimo dijo...

good for a French meum who don't sleel because of sadness ,
thanks :)

Puño dijo...